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Gentle Caress was Founded by Tiffany Parker & her husband Ray Parker. Tiffany is a Licensed Social worker & Counselor who received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University. During her career she has worked as a Child Protective Services officer, Family Assistance worker and a substance abuse counselor. 


As a Mother, Tiffany noticed the mental instabilities of Mothers she would come in contact with during her career. Even with partners at home she came across a lot of Mother's dealing with depression, anxiety and even just feeling alone with nowhere to turn. Her and her husband decided that starting a company that centered around a Mother's mental health would be greatly beneficial to not only to them but their family as well. 

"We like to look at Gentle Caress as a Mom's mental fitness center. If we're going to tackle Mental Health why not start with our most overworked but forgotten individual, The Mother"

-Tiffany Parker 



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