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When Should I

Consider Counseling?

First understand we are not recommending therapy for every life battle you're are going through even though it's always an option. Also, to see a therapist does not equate to you being "Crazy". If you have a strong support system in your life some life battles can be handled without a professional. So the question is "When should i seek a therapist?" Here are Signs that shows that it's time to utilize therapy:

  1. Close Death in The Family or a Loss of Job, Divorce, Bad Breakup . 

-Significant losses in your life can be a lonely process to get through even if you have a support system so seeing a professional is not out of the ordinary especially when you are dealing with more than one loss in a short period of time.

  2. Abusing Food, Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

- Keyword in the title is "Abusing". Whenever you get to a point where you are turning to substances time and time again looking to feel better and hoping it would help  you get over your feelings it's time to see a professional.  This is an issue that will get much worse before it get better.


   3. Can't do Things in Your Life That You Used To do

- If you're finding yourself refusing to do things that you use to enjoy the first thing is to ask yourself "Why?". A lot of times painful experiences and emotions can put a halt to your enjoyment in life. This is a sign to Talk with a professional so that you can discuss the painful experiences and emotions so that you can find your way back to enjoying life.


  4. Not Feeling Like Yourself, Always Sad and/or Always Angry

- Random feelings of sadness, anger, and/or just feeling like you don't want to be around anyone. This is one of the most important signs that you may be dealing with a mental health issue. These unstable emotional states can develop into a real problem if not treated by a professional. Please reach out for help right away if these feelings starts to have you questioning whether life is worth living  or random thoughts of death  or suicide.

  5. Dealing with a Traumatizing event

-  From an abusive relationship, neglect as a child, learning of a chronic illness, or a victim of a crime. A lot of times we find ourselves suppressing feelings from traumatic events without fully dealing with them. It is important that you speak to someone so you can find healthy ways to cope with your feelings.

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